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Risk-free loans in Chillicothe

Even with the best financial planning, the unexpected can (and probably will) happen at the worst times. When you've been saddled with sudden expenses, give First Check Cash Advance a call! We offer a variety of flexible loans that give you the ability to settle your debts and rest easier. Whether you're looking to cash a check or get an advance until payday, we're here to make your life a little easier! 
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Cashing checks without the hassle

It's no secret that cashing a check can become unnecessarily complicated in certain circumstances. First Check Cash Advance removes this hassle, and will cash your check of any amount without credit checks, long waiting lines or a complex approval process. No matter what type of check you need cashed (payroll, personal, tax refunds, money orders, etc) we're happy to help you get the money you need today!

Installment and title loans

First Check Cash Advance provides low-interest installment and title loans to eligible customers. We make it easy to apply, so that you can get the cash flowing when you need it most. Our loans are risk free, and if you change your mind about the loan we give you a reasonable time period to pay back the principle and nothing more.

Payday advances

Sometimes, payday can't come soon enough. When you need liquid capital right now, First Check Cash Advance is here for you! We understand that unexpected expenses can crop up, which is why we make it easy for you to apply for short-term loans to be paid back on payday.
Don't get stuck with a low balance before the holidays, call (740) 779-9093 to get an advance today!
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